Services provided

Industrial Maintenance

It means : to keep the means of production in good working order.

According to the emergency , maintenance can be :

Preventive technical interventions to anticipate breakdown.

Corrective(also said « curative ») actions in case of breakdown or failure.

Technical interventions on machines during maintenance scheduled period.

Breakdown service at customer’s site.

Spare parts sale

Cleaning by pyrolyse

Cleaning of extruder heads, laser screens, extrusion dies

Firstly the part is put into a 435°C pyrolysis oven creating vacuum. This process, by eliminating all plastic wastes, helps the dismantling of the head. Then JMT’s team is taking care of parts dismantling, polishing, analysing and checking.


Machines platforms manufacturing and setting up

Metallic frames manufacturing and setting up

Conception of stairs, footbridges, platforms, gates, hoppers, supports

Building of supports for industrial machines

Rétrofit activity

This activity refers to the machines repairing (extruders, compounders…) by keeping some parts (head, screen support…) and by changing crucial elements (screws, sleeves, cooling pipes, bearings, pipes, electrical boxes…).


Machines electric setting up

Conception of electrical equipment boxes to control machines

Electrical equipment boxes manufacturing ang programming / Raw material transfer cabling

Drawings conception (SEE2000)

Consulting and Reviewing

Project builing up and implementation

Equipment audit and report issue

Parts to manufacture drawings (Solidworks)


Thanks to efficient equipment …

Trailer lorry

Crane (lifting ability 5 tons)

Elevators (lifting ability 2 and 5 tons)


+ Means of manual handling

JM TECHNOLOGIES proposes to handle your machines.